We work for you

The work of Sardinia Property Finder is divided into 3 phases:

FIRST PHASE: The client contacts us by e-mail, indicating their requests, we reply with clear information about the housing market of the chosen areas and lists of suitable properties.

SECOND PHASE: If the client decides to continue, Sardinia Property Finder pledges to do its best to satisfy the needs of the client. After a comprehensive property search, we will send photos and full information.

THIRD PHASE:  When the client formally decides to use our service, we will agree places, dates and times to visit the chosen properties.
Upon request we can collect you at the airport, port or at your hotel.

If after viewing the properties you want to go ahead with the purchase of one of the properties we have proposed, our fee is 3% of the agreed price. This is payable at the signing of the legal transfer of ownership (rogito). This is the only fee and includes all the work we will do for you.