Santa Teresa Gallura is a popular tourist destination situated  in a rocky plane  44 meters above sea level at the extreme northern end of the island of Sardinia (Italy). Merged in a wonderful  landscape, Santa Teresa  overlooks the Strait of Bonifacio and is very close to the enchanted “La Maddalena National Park”. Thanks to its wild Capo Testa peninsula, a fragmented coastline and many beaches, Santa Teresa Gallura is a truly Paradise for beach life and diving lovers both.

has a permanent population of about 5,000, increasing to 10,000 to 15,000 inhabitants with summer tourism. It means that during fall and winter it’s a very quiet place and – despite other smaller turistic resort on the coast – its population is big enough to ensure all those vital services that a small town is able to guarantee.  In late spring and summer however  it becomes very crowded, dynamic and full of life. The town also has several  sporting facilities, parks, pedestrian areas, bicycle paths, museums, restaurants and it’s fully animal and pets friendly.


Why to buy a property in Santa Teresa Gallura:

Thanks to its sandy beaches and to the big offer of holiday houses Santa Teresa Gallura is a tourist destination loved by families with children, it got two Fee Blu Flags and a Green Flag also (the Green Flag is given by italian pediatricians to those beaches as safe as funny for kids). In the town and in its communities you will not see any high buildings, only a long sequence of beautiful houses and villas. Scroll to the bottom of the page to have a look at some of our proposal.

Santa Reparata, Ruoni, Porto Quadro, La Ficaccia, Valle dell’Rica, Conca Verde and Porto Pozzo are the main communities – mostly on the coast – outside  the centre of Santa Teresa Gallura.

How to arrive to Santa Teresa Gallura:

The centre of Santa Teresa Gallura can be easily reached from the port and airport in Olbia in less than one hour by car; it is also 90 minutes away from the port of Porto Torres and two hours from the Alghero airport. Here are the main distances:

  • Palau: 24 km
  • Arzachena: 34 km
  • Costa Paradiso: 38 Km
  • Isola Rossa: 48 km
  • Baja Sardinia: 49 km
  • Porto Cervo: 53 km
  • Olbia: 60 Km
  • Port of Olbia: 60 Km
  • Airport of Olbia: 62 Km
  • Porto Rotondo: 63 km
  • Castelsardo: 70 km
  • Port of Porto Torres: 100 Km
  • Airport of Alghero: 134 Km


Weather in Santa Teresa Gallura:

The minimum temperature is around 6/8 °C from November to April and rises in spring up to a media of 18/19 °C during the Summer. Maximum temperature starts from a media of 15°C in the coldest months of the year rising up to 31 °C in July and August. It doesn’t rain much and Precipitation tends to concentrate in the winter monthes and becomes almost missing during the whole Summer.

Santa Teresa Gallura History:

Santa Teresa Gallura is quite a modern town, despite its territory was inhabited since the roman times, the actual village was built in the early 1800s only, during the Savoy Household. It was on 12 August 1808 that King Victor Emmanuel I signed the founding decree for the town, which he named Santa Teresa from  his wife name:  Maria Theresa of Austria. That’s why the town’s got a regular chessboard structure with straight streets which meet at right-angles.

Santa Teresa Gallura Monuments:

A few historical monuments define the city of Santa Teresa Gallura, like the little central square with the Church of San Vittorio, the always fascinating Capo Testa lighthouse and  the 16-th century Spanish tower of Longonsardo that keeps watch over the Strait of Bonifacio. The Longonsardo tower rises on the rocky headland and was built on the ruins of the medieval castle destroyed during the Spanish Conquest in tht 15th century. Outside the town you have also to visit the “Lu Brandali” archaeological complex that reminds us to the nuragic period and history, something like three thousands years ago.

Santa Teresa Gallura Beaches:


Santa Teresa Gallura coastline is 48 km long with more 7 km of white sandy beaches, often  connected  to each other by paths merged in the wild Sardinian nature. Thanks to its warm weather the beaches can be lived all year long, for sunbath and swimming from May to October, for walking and water sports in the rest of the year. The most famous beach is the astonishing  Rena Bianca beach, located in the centre of the town, with its clear blue sea, which range from turquoise to emerald.

Within ten kilometres distance from Santa Teresa Gallura we can also find other  wonderful beaches, such us Capo testa, its amazin Moon Valley and the stunning Cala Spinosa, a bit further are the Marmorata beach (3 Km), Rena Majore and Valle dell’Erica (5 Km), Porto Pozzo (7 Km) and San Pasquale – The Sciumara (11km).

Last but not least the Porto Fido dog beach.


Ferries to Corsica and Longonsardo Marina:

Thanks to its proximity to Corse (9 km only separate Sardinia and Corse), Santa Teresa port is connected by daily ferries to the French city of Bonifacio. In fact in the natural and deep bay of Longonsardo has developed one of the best-equipped marinas of Northern Sardinia with about 700 berths, suitable for boats up to 30-35 meters in length. The Port of Santa Teresa Gallura also obtained the Blue Flag, that is the environmental acknowledgement granted by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to municipalities and landings which operate to keep clean and well arranged all the seaport areas. It also got the international certification  “Blue Star Marina” by the award of “4 stars“.

Pics by: Christoph Sammer, Corrado, Steffi_Franco, artq55, Winkelbohrer.