What is the difference between a real estate agency (realtor) and a property finder?

The difference is simple. Real Estate agencies (realtors) work principally for the sellers; whilst property finders are looking out solely for the interests of the buyers.

Do you work together with the real estate agencies (realtors)?

Yes, certainly. We are totally independent but it is important to maintain an active working relationship with the realtor in order to offer the client the best choices of properties.

Do you also have foreign clients?

Absolutely. Sardinia has for many years been a favourite destination for foreigners. So often they visit the island, fall in love and want to buy here so they can return often to enjoy the fabulous climate, beaches and sea, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

In these cases we are contacted by clients who want to see the very best that the housing market has to offer in their chosen areas; to be accompanied and assisted at every step of the way in their search and eventual purchase of their ideal property.

How do you arrive in Sardinia?

Thanks to our presence and contacts on the island, we are able to organize the trip on your behalf.

What are the “extra “ costs involved in purchasing a property in Sardinia ?

On top of the purchase price you must pay the following:

TAXES These differ depending on certain factors – if you are purchasing as a primary residence or as a holiday home; if you are purchasing from a builder or a private individual. To give you an idea the tax will be between 4% and 10% of the declared price or of the land registry value (not necessarily the same as the purchase price usually less). This could go up to as much as 20% if the property comes under the category of “luxury” property.

NOTARY FEES Following recent legislation, there is no longer a tariff of fees. On choosing a property, we will obtain a selection of estimates for you to choose from.

PROPERTY FINDER Depending on the property chosen, our fee will be between 1,5% and 3% (plus VAT at 22%) of the price of the property .


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