Sardinia: Boom of properties bought to become B&B and Holiday Homes!

Boom of properties transformed in B&B and Holiday Homes in Sardinia: in the last years a new trend is pushing the real estate market in Italy, Sardinia included. According to a fresh report edited by the “Tecnocasa study office” in fact (Tecnocasa is largest Italian real estate brokerage company), a new trend is revolutionising the Italian real estate market: investment purchases are growing considerably. A new tendency which emerges mostly in the bigger cities and in the most important tourism resortsCagliari, the Sardinian capital city, has the highest percentage of housing bought for investment purposes among all Italian larger cities: 46.5%.

Properties transformed in tourism accommodations:


This new trend is in fact due to the tourism boom of the last years, to the increase of flights from all over Europe and to the boost given by “sharing economy” companies, such as and, that makes it very easy to rent a room or a house even for a couple days. It means that much of the people that own or buy free apartments or houses is now restiling them to become B&B or Holiday homes to rent to tourist, especially foreign ones.

Holiday homes are the favourite because they require less effort. Anyway lots of dedicated companies are also borning to help owners to start and manage the brand new tourism accommodation: from paperwork to cleaning, laundry, catering and reservation services.

Not only Cagliari, Tecnocasa report also includes “Pula” and “Costa Rei” destinations, always in South Sardinia, among the resorts where this tendency is growing faster. Anyway whoever is trying to find a house for rent, for a long term, in whatever city or town close to the sea in Sardinia, knows very well how much difficult is to find it.


Tourism will keep growing in the next years?

Sardinia is one of the most beloved tourism destination in Europe, Google trend however shows a first stop in the increase of searches for Sardinian tourist destinations in Summer 2018. Because Tunisia, Egypt and even Turkey are getting more stable for example, after the terrorism alert of the last years. So we’ve to expect a greater competition among the tourist destinations of the Mediterranean in the next yeas. Sardinia has a mature tourism market and appears to be a less risky investment.

Anyway, B&B in Cagliari were almost all sold out during the Summer 2018, plus bigger cities also guarantee a higher fill factor of the rooms throughout the year, while holiday homes usually are easily rented for 6 months only, from April to September. We recall you that Sardinia holiday homes’ prices are declining also in 2018.

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