La Pelosa Beach, Stintino, Sardinia

La Pelosa in Stintino is one of the most beatiful Sardinian beaches, often described as “Heaven on Earth“. Famous for its Caribbean shoreline and turquoise water, the breathtaking view and spectacular landscape (the old medieval tower on the left and the islands of the “Asinara National Park” in front of you), La Pelosa is quite a small beach that honestly from june to September tends to get overcrowded early in the morning (no parking at all after 9:00 AM). I’d still recommend it highly though, why? Just go there, have a look, rub your eyes and look again, then give yourself a pinch and take a bath to be sure you’re not dreaming and then you will get the best answer ever. I read a review simply admitting: “I didn’t know that was possible in plain nature to see such a cristal clear water“.

Plus chairs and umbrellas for rent, beautiful turquoise water to swim and snorkeling, with the right temperature (not too warm not too cold) and always pleasant breezes, extremely safe for both children and adults since it stays shallow for at least 50 meters, allowing you to walk for long before you encounter deep water. Bring a mask to watch all the fishes!

There is also some rock around the beach, where stay people that prefer to avoid the crowd and have more privacy, just be sure to bring special reef shoes and a few extra beach towels for padding.

La Pelosa is going to come back wilder, here is the plan already approved by Stintino Municipality:

A new plan was approved by Stintino city council, to resolve the two main problems of La Pelosa beach: overcrowding and the high risk of erosion. Basically was decided to remove the road that lays behind La Pelosa beach, it means that:

  1. With less parking lots close to the beach less people will crowd the beach, even if will be created “park and ride systems” connected to the beach by shuttle bus.
  2. An elevated wooden walkway (open to bicycles) will replace the current road, leading to the beach. This means the beach will come back connected to its dune system on the hill behind.
  3. No more building permits will be granted close to the shore, since all the room between the beach and the existing houses will became a park area. By the way it means all the house, appartment and villas nearby will increase in value.

By the way the work will commence after the next summer 2018.

Stintino town, close to Alghero and Castelsardo:

Very good restaurants nearby La Pelosa beach and the beautiful town of Stintino: walkable, clean, friendly, shopping, great restaurants, some of which face the water. Stintino has also a nice Marina if you own a boat. Plus, Stintino is only an hour drive from Alghero (city and airport) and a hour and half from Castelsardo.

Houses for sale in Stintino:

In Stintino is possible to find very beautiful houses and amazing villas for sales, even close to sea or in the very quiet residential area on the hills just up from La Pelosa beach. Contact us to help you to find the best solution for your needs.

Main pictures: La Pelosa beach, north west Sardinia (pictures by Tommie Hansen - CC BY 2.0)
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