Sardinia Piano Casa extended until 30th june 2019

The so called “Piano Casa”, the special law about the simplification and reorganisation of the provisions on planning and construction and improvement of building heritage in Sardinia, was extended until 30th june 2019. This prolongation was approved by Sardinian local government because the debate on the new Sardinian “urban development law” is advancing very slowly, while the “Piano Casa” is going to end soon (December 31st, 2017). In other words the Sardinia local governement wouldn’t leave home owners and building companies to deal with a long period of time not covered by any law able to boost the construction sector.

The “Piano Casa” main purpose in fact is to provide forms of facilitation, through increases in volume, for the improvement of architectural quality and efficiency of the already existing buildings.

This means that, if you already own a house in Sardinia or you’re going to buy a villa in our Island in the next 18 months, through the renovation work needed to improve the architectural quality and efficiency of your property, thanks to the “Piano Casa”, you might gain a maximum volumetric increase of 30% in the urban areas A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

For more info read our full article about how the “Piano Casa” works.

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