Sardinia beach life in October!

Spiaggia di Mugoni, Alghero (14 ottobre 2017)

In diretta dalla spiaggia di Mugoni ad Alghero, sabato 14 ottobre 2017, tanta gente che prende il sole e l'acqua è una favola <3

Pubblicato da Video della Sardegna su Sabato 14 ottobre 2017

We often tell you how much beautiful is Sardinia’s climate during the Autumn, a long sunny and warm period of time that looks like so much to Springtime and that sometime last up to the first half of December (yes, almost to Christmas!). We also tell you that in Sardinia is possible to take sunbath and swim in the sea from May to November.

Half October Sardinia beach life:

Well, today we’re showing you proofs, not only the video above – taken yesterday – with lots of bathers on Mugoni beach in Alghero (North West Sardinia), most of them also entering the sea and swimming, but also some pic to tell you what might be an half October day if you’re living in Sardinia!


Fishes in the wonderful sea of Mugoni beach, Alghero

Sunbaths, a good swim, some fresh food at the beach restaurant, and fishing in the evening.


Beach day at Mugoni Beach, Alghero

Let’s your Dream become True:

This is Sardinia beach life in half October, in the middle of the autumn. If you want to join us, just contact us, we will help you to find the best property for your needs, and your dream to live in Sardinia will become true so very soon!

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