Castelsardo is a very evocative town located in the northwest of Sardinia, within the Province of Sassari, at the east end of the Gulf of Asinara. Altough human presence is attested since pre-Nuragic and Nuragic times, the present town developed around the castle built in 1102 (or 1270 according to different sources), by the Doria family of Genoa. Castelsardo is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy actually, especially for its medieval “centro storico” (“city centre“), still centred around its castle on a high rocky promontory. From its strongholds standing on the sea and cliffs, you can have one of the most dramatic views in Sardinia and in a clear day you may be able to see Corsica island.


Postcards from Castelsardo (pics by fettniamorchia.bertigekkophotoandshexplores)

Visiting Castelsardo:

Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the “centro storico” around the “Castello”,  walk in the maze of small roads were around every corner you wonder what might come. Visit its historic buildings: the “Sant’ Antonio Abate Cathedral” (16th century, placed in a magnificent spot with wonderful views) with its beautiful Aragonese bell tower stunning interior (decorated with the “Maestro di Castelsardo“‘ paintings  and crypt, the “Santa Maria Church” with panoramic views up to the castle walls and down the cliffs to the sea. Visit the town’s “Museo dell’ Intreccio”, located within the castle (the entrance is included on the ticket to visit the castle), which will provide an insight into the basket weaving for which the town is famous (if you want an advise don’t miss the sunset on the castel’s terrace).


Castelsardo Medieval Town (pics by ghivi65chicaingirellachristellemarioewafromwarszawa)

Food and shopping:

The “centro storico” is nowadays almost uninhabited (inhabitans declined from 3,000 to 500 in the last decades), even if it remains crowded by shops selling handcraft, bar, restaurants and tourists all year long, thanks to lots of events and international festivals.


Food and restaurants in Castelsardo (pic by josepmariagallartagnieszkaredlarskaristorante_bountykatherinearmour)

So, enjoy the good range of restaurants the city offers (don’t miss the “Fish soup castellanese” – larger and smaller fishes cut, crushed and dissolved in broth with crabs, onion, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and chilli pepper – , the “Lobster aragonese” and “Lobster castellanese“), relax at the port bar with its great views, take sunbaths at Lu Bagnu beach (Fee Blue Flag). Plus, being centrally located on the north coast, only a 45/50 minute drive is needed to reach either Stintino (La Pelosa beach) and Alghero on the west, or to Palau (ferries to La Maddalena/Caprera) on the East. Nearer on the east coast are the wonderful Isola Rossa, La Marinedda and Costa Paradiso (all together they’re simply called “Costa Rossa“). Finally if you’re a boat owner and/or lover, ypu have to know that Castelsardo has its own harbour (FEE Blu Flag Marina).


Lu Bagnu Beach

Living in Castelsardo all year long:

Castelsardo, thanks to his population of almost 6,000 inhabitants, even if it remains a very popular vacation spot and a very “seasonal” resort, offers all the most important services you need to live there all year long such us restaurants, but post office, banks, markets (Conad supermarket and Eurospin discounter).  If it’s hard living in the “Centro storico”, the city has an intense real estate market in its modern part. There’re also interesting and more hidden properties and beautiful villas in the surrounding hills.

How to buy a House in Castelsardo:

If you’re looking for a house in Castelsardo we’re glad to help you to find the best property that fits your needs. As property finders in fact we work in your interest only.

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