Li Junchi and Li Mindi Beaches, Badesi

Between Isola Rossa and Castelsardo, 2 of the most celebrated North Sardinian turist resorts, there’s a 14 kilometers long sandy beach, largely wild, that changes name several times (Li Feruli, Li Junchi, Li Mindi, Le Mimose are the most famous stretches of this shore) and crosses 3 different municipal boundaries (Trinità d’Agultu, Badesi, Valledoria). Today we focus on the central part of this beach, that lays in Badesi’s territory: Li Junchi and Li Mindi. The big difference between them are the facilities, while at Li Junchi you can find any facility you need – such as snack bar, beach umbrella and lounger hire, toilettes, boat rents, a swimming pool by the sea, large parking nearby – , at Li Mindi you will have to bring with yourself anythind you need, becouse you will not find any kind of service. That’s the reason Li Junchi Beach obtained the prestigious Blue Flag and why it’s much more crowded than Li Mindi. Li Mindi is the best solution for those who prefer to get surrounded by nature and enjoy the wilder side of Sardinia (same as Li Feruli by the way).


A beach that never gets too crowded:

Just to make you better understand behind Li Junchi beach you find the road with many parcking lots and tourism facilities, while dunes, flowers and Mediterranean flavours are what u will find on the rear beach at Li Mindi. In any case being such a long beach even if it changes name several times, it has lots of room and if you walk a bit you will always find the perfect spot for you and your family, because it never gets really crowded, even if during the middle week of August it can be difficult to find parking space (parking scratchcards available from the beach shops, never forget to expose them).


Amazing spot for Windsurf or Kite surf lovers:

In any case this beach is the ideal spot for those who want to relax, take sunbath and swim. Everything changes when the wind picks up, this beach in fact is exposed to Mistral wind (like all this coastline). It means that the water may suddently get dangerous for normal people (look at the red flag, if exposed is better to stay out of the water), while it becomes a truly Heaven for everyone involved in Windsurf or Kite surf, it’s amazing to stare at their evolutions and jumps, pushed by the wind.

Crystal water and white sand:

In both the beaches the water is crystal blue and turquoise, the sand is clear and soft, but the shore tends to shelve quite steeply into the water, except for some sand bank that makes it very suitable even for young children.

Easy access and plenty of snack bar:

Easy access to the beach, even for people who have some difficulty walking. Plus, as we told you earlier, the’re plenty of snack bar where you can eat from sandwiches burgers to
pizzas, fresh salads, cold meats and the fabulous local cheeses.

Badesi and its beaches:

Here is a nice video about Badesi town and its beaches, as you can see even if filmed in the “peak season” there’s lots of free room on the beach:

Pictures by EpicourosEdoneVitis and riccardo g users, through TripAdvisor.
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