Marinedda Bay Frozen Open, surfing in Sardinia!

Look at the video below. No it’s not San Diego, but if you’d like to live some kind of Californian beach life in Sardinia then you have to go to Marinedda Beach in North Sardinia, where every summer take place the most important surfing event of the whole Sardinia. It’s the “Marinedda Bay Frozen Open” an international contest whose waiting period lasts from 15th august to 15th september, waiting for the right day, when mistral blows hard, waves are huge, and hearts start racing.

MarineddaBay Open 2017

Nice day a MarineddaBay Open 2017 Marinedda Bay

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It’s the best time for surf lovers, but also for everyone involved in in skating, tattoo, beach life and beach parties for the younger Sardinian beach!

Sardinia surf champions:

By the way the 2017 Frozen open winner is Angelo Bonomelli, third the Sardinian Alessandro Piu. Sardinia has a very good surfing tradition, for example Francisco Porcella won the TAG Heuer XXL Biggest Wave Award 2017, while his brother Nicolò was awarded with the even more scaring “2016 TAG Heuer Wipeout Award.

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