Sardinia Holiday Homes Prices still declining in 2017

Sardinia holiday homes prices still falling in 2017: despite the fact that the house market in Sardinia is rising for the third year in a row, holiday homes prices are still declining by 2,5% in 2017 (after a 3% fall in 2016), at least according to the “Italian Tourism Real Estate Observatory” edited by Fimaa Confcommercio-Nomisma.

Does it mean that to buy now your dream house in Sardinia could be a bargain?

It means that the real estate market is favorable to prospective buyers, becouse it’s still possibile to grab some pretty good deal even if prices in the most requested resorts are stable. In fact the market value of the houses by the sea is holding up, especially the luxury ones. So it happens, for example, that “Porto Cervo” and “Porto Rotondo” in Costa Smeralda are still both among the most expensive places in Italy where to to buy a property.

Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo still among the most expensive:

The average values per square meter is 9.600 euro in Porto Cervo and 8.700 in Porto Rotondo, placing them in 8th and 11th position of the list of the top 12  most expensive places where to to buy a holiday home in Italy. It’s also important to underline once again that the prices per square meter in both the luxury resorts are the same of the last year.


Hard Data Appeal Index and Soft Data Appeal Index:

Also interesting are another couple of index always released by Fimaa Confcommercio-Nomisma. According to the “Hard Data Appeal Index” in fact the best town where to buy a home is Porto San Paolo, in Gallura (immediately South of Olbia). While, according to the “Soft Data Appeal Index” the little town of Cabras (in Central West Sardinia) should be the favorite one for our investment.

What’s the difference between the two index?

The “Hard Data Appeal Index” estimates how much dynamic is economy in the observed area thanks to subindexes that misure tourism, population, real estate market, average loans, job market, infrastructures and services trends. The “Soft Data Appeal Index” instead is all about  “quality of  life” taking in considerations trends about tourist receptiveness, restaurants, cultural resources and land attractions.

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