Lu Bagnu beach, Castelsardo

Lu Bagnu is the most beautiful beach of the gorgeous medieval town of Castelsardo, in North West Sardinia, in the heart of the Asinara gulf. Lu Bagnu is a lovely sandy public beach only 3 kilometres east of Castelsardo, that almost never gets overcrowded, it means that you can always find your favorite spot to relax. That’s one of the reasons this beach is considered very family friendly, the other is that the sea bottom declines very slow. Just pay attention to the rocks entering in the water where you might also meet some sea urchins, better to use a pair of water shoes.


Its emerald water is crystal clear, clean and definetely warm. Amazing for snorkeling (and diving), you can easily reach the rock formations just in front of the beach, very close to the shore.

Like all the beaches of this part of Sardinia even Lu Bagnu is quite windy and the waves can became quite big when Mistral is blowing strong, but no worries, Lifeguards are in attendance all day long. Just be careful when the red flag is exposed (better not to enter in the sea, otherwise just have fun jumping the waves).

The area surrounding the beach is friendly, touristic and offers plenty in terms of souvenirs and cafes: drinks and snacks are available also at the beach bar, plus you can find a snack bar and restaurant close the parking lot. By the way, it might get difficult to find a place to park your car if you arrive too late, anyway it’s very easy to reach from Castelsardo even by bus.


For all these reasons Lu Bagnu beach was awarded with the Blue Flag by the FEE. The Blue Flag is an international award appointed to the tourist destinations that are able to combine the excellent quality of bathing waters with a comfortable level of services for tourists.

Castelsardo Town:


As for Castelsardo, this beautiful ancient city is in the Italy’s most beautiful towns list, thanks to the its stunning position, on a rock promontory, with the majestic walls of the medieval citadel, the Cathedral and the Doria castel rising in front on the sea, with wonderful breath taking panoramas and a very romantic walk down the fortification, up to the lover cliffs. The town is a perfect combination of sea, history and identity tradition with lots of museums, restaurants and shops.


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Cover and Lu Bagnu pics by TripAdvisor. Pictures of Castelsardo by trolvag and Carlo Pelagalli via Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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