Cala Goloritzé among the Forbes Most Beautiful Beaches in the World!

What about the most beautiful beaches in the world? To make a list is very difficult not only becouse of the incredible number of amazing worldwide spots, but because “beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder” to use the words of Laura Begley Bloom on Forbes, where she listed “The 27 most beautiful beaches in the world“, or better, she asked to some of the most famous travel photographers and Instagrammers, all women, to pick up their favourite one.

So, among the most incredible beaches in the world there’s one in Sardinia, it’s the stunning Gala Goloritzè, in the gulf of Orosei. It has been Sophie Hellyer, a surfer and environmentalist living on the Irish Atlantic coast, to choose it because:

I have travelled to some amazing places around the world, but when asked which is the most beautiful beach I can answer Cala Goloritzé without flinching. Only accessible by boat or a serious hike, the mesmerizing turquoise waters and enchanting cliffs are like nothing I have ever seen before. There is a 143-meter pinnacle, making it a paradise for climbers, resembling something from the movie UP and an archway to the right of the beach to swim through or jump off for the more adventurous. I think it is the only beach I have been to in my life where there was no visible plastic pollution; the Sardinian government seem to do a lot to preserve and protect it from human damage, declaring it a national monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 1997).

If Sardinia was able once again to capture the attention of people that use to travel all over the world, must be a reason. The same reason that led always more people, year by year, to choose our gorgeous island as a refuge from a world getting always more chaotic . If you are also looking for a property in Sardinia, we will be glad to help you. Being “Property Finders” we work in your interest only.

Cover photo by Marco Collu ("Mission Earth 2016" project)
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