Sardinia, Island of Caves

Sardinia, Island of Caves: Sardinia is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches with crystal clear water, however its inland is the real surprise for those who want to explore the heart of our island, with so many activities to do all year long for nature lovers such as trekking, climbing and caving. You have to know that Sardinia mostly sits on karstic calcareous subsoils, that’s why it hosts a system of 1500 natural caves, a real Heaven for potholing lovers.

From potholing to Tourism Caves:

Caves in Sardinia offer various levels of accessibility, if you want to go speluking, exploring less seen underground rivers and landscapes, if you want to crawl through tight spaces and slither in the mud, you will have countless opportunities. But if you desire an easier approach you will have many solutions as well. Sardinia in fact has the highest number of tourism caves of all Italy: 12.

Sardinian tourism caves are well-lighted grottoes, with safe paths, that enable you to explore the undergound world together with expert guides, appreciating some of the best cave-scapes like underground cathedrals, organs, lakes, tallest stalactite/stalagmite and the most interesting formations and fossils (illuminated by well designed lights).

So, get your helmet and come with us into some of the most beautiful Sardinian Tourism Caves:

Nettuno Cave, Alghero (North West Sardinia):

One of the most famous, directly on the sea and reachable by boat or through the 654 steps of the “Escala del Cabirol!” stairway!

Ispinigoli Cave, Dorgali (Central East Sardinia):

Amazing cave among the largest in Sardinia, it houses the tallest stalactite-stalagmite in Europe and one of the tallest in the whole world, measuring some 38 m in total. Really thrilling is the so called “Abyss of the Virgins”a 60 m-deep hole leading to a 12 km series of caves and other grottoes.

Tiscali Nuragic Village (Dorgali/Oliena, Central East Sardinia):

It’s the Sardinian Machu Pichu, the last defensive town of the Nuragic people, hided in the mountains, it lands in a collapsed cave (dolina).

Su Marmuri Cave, Ulassai (Ogliastra, Central East Sardinia):

Really a huge cave, among the most magnificent of the island, so roof is so hight!

Fig Cave, Baunei (Ogliastra, Central East Sardinia):

Another beautiful cave on the sea, reachable by boat or by trekking.

Su Mannau Cave, Fluminimaggiore (South West, Sardinia):

Included in the list of the 10 most beautiful caves in Italy by the prestigious “Touring Club Italiano“.

Santa Barbara Cave, Iglesias (South West Sardinia):

Discovered randomly inside the San Giovanni Mine, it’s one of the oldest strip of European land being 500 millions years old.

San Giovanni Cave, Domusnovas (South West Sardinia):

One of three natural caves only in world crossed by a road for its full lenght. Closed to the traffic you can now explore it walking or biking. This is also an appreciated spot for climbing.

Cover pic by Loi Elisabetta for Regione Sardegna
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