Flight Barcelona to Olbia all year round!

Flights from Barcelona to Olbia all year round: Olbia Airport introduces important news for the IATA winter season 2017-2018, not only Amsterdam and London, but also Barcelona becomes operational all year round with 2 weekly frequencies: Tuesday and Saturday. Thanks to the Spanish low cost airline Vueling in fact, we will be able to fly between Olbia Costa Smeralda and Barcellona El Prat airports not only in Summer, but also from 01/10/2017 until 25/03/2018.

Flight Barcelona el Prat – Olbia Costa Smeralda:

During the Winter IATA 2017/18 the Vueling Airbus departs every Tuesday and Saturday from Barcelona at 11:30 AM to arrive at 12:55 AM in North East Sardinia. On the way back it takes off from Olbia at 13:40 and lands in Catalonia at 15:05. Departure and arrival hours are the same on Tuesday / Saturday.

During the next Summer IATA 2018 the flights frequency is expected to grow significantly.


Flights are already on sale on Vueling website. Despite being a low cost company Vueling offers a wide range of services and price options, for example making us choose our seat (if we want). Here are the 3 fares:

  • Basic Fare: Get the best prices for flying to over 160 destinations.
  • Optima Fare: Choose your seat, take one case weighing up to 23 kg, and many more advantages to enjoy your flight more than ever.
  • Exellence Fare: Travel with exclusive benefits such as front row seat, flexibility on changes, priority boarding and much more.

This is also the Vueling policy about checked and hand luggage, have a look.


At Barcellona El Prat airport the passengers coming from Olbia will be able to enjoy the flight connection service, which not only connects Olbia with the whole Vueling network of more than 130 destinations among Spain (Ibiza, Canary Islands, Seville, Malaga), Europe, Africa and Middle East, but also requests a unique check in at our departure airport (in this case Olbia). This means we can claim our baggage once we arrived at our final destination.

Time gap between Sardinia and Spain:

There’s no time gap between Spain and Sardinia, even if Spanish people use to live like it was a hour later.

Cover photo by Curimedia, licence: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
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