Spiaggia del Principe, Costa Smeralda

Spiaggia del Principe, Costa Smeralda: we begin today to introduce you to the most beautiful and stunning beaches of North Sardinia, starting from the “Spiaggia del Principe” (“Prince’s Beach“, the original Sardinian name is “Poltu Di Li Cogghj” beach). This awesome beach close to Porto Cervo is the favourite of the Prince Karim Aga Khan, the founder of Costa Smeralda resort, and, according to the “urban legend“, this is the first place he landed in Sardinia from his yacht in the early 60s. That’s why the beach took the name from his title “Prince“.

So why this beach is so famous? Words, pictures and videos are not enough to really understand why this beach is so loved, you definetely have to go there. It’s surely one of the best beaches in the whole Costa Smeralda. The cove is stunning, placed in a very natural scenario, the view is already breathtaking from the parking lot.  It’s a medium size white sandy beach with turquoise blue sea and crystal waters. Some rock makes it even more appealing. The water is unbelievably clear and it’s a great spot for snorkelling, with calm sea and lots of fishes to swim with.

La Spiaggia del Principe

Chi si farebbe adesso un tuffo al Principe? 😀

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Hard to get, but worth it:

Like lots of Sardinian beaches the access is quite rough, it means the nature is wilder and the beach is less crowded. Even if this in not always true, during the Summer the beach gets crowded the same and you need to get to the beach by 9.30 am in order to secure a good spot on the beach (plus the carpark usually gets full by the 10.30 am).

Even if the parking area is quite large (by the way it costs €7.50 for the day or €1.50 per hour), there’s a 10 minute hike to get down to the beach. The path starts easy, wide and flat, but suddenly goes really narrow down, plus the terrain gets rocky, making it very difficult for small kids, older people and anyone with mobility issues. In any case no flip-flops, no trollies or anything on wheels. By the way you can always access to the beach by boat.

On the beach there’re not many facilities: a basic beach bar providing sandwiches and cold drinks (that opens only  during the Summer), and a beach resort where it’s possible to rent deck chairs, sun umbrellas and sunbeds (€15 per bed). No toilet nor shower facilities.

Where the spiaggia del Principe is?

Pay attention while driving  becouse the words “Spiaggia Del Principe” have been scratched into the road sign at the right junction.

Picture by sdcdelacruz, courtesy of TripAdvisor.
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