Flights from London and Amsterdam to Olbia all year round!

Flights from London and Amsterdam to Olbia all year round: The airport Olbia Costa Smeralda announces two new annual services from London Gatwick (UK) and Amsterdam Schiphol (Netherlands), respectively operated by low cost EasyJet and Transavia. Both the flights, active since April 2017, will also continue during the winter with two comfortable weekly frequencies, on Tuesdays and  Saturdays.


It’s the low cost company Easyjet to connect Olbia to London all year long, with daily and direct flights from Gatwick and Luton airports during the Summer and with 2 flights per week from Gatwick only in Winter (on  Tuesdays and  Saturdays).

During the Winter IATA 2017 the airplane departs every Tuesdays from London Gatwick  at 07:35 and arrives at 11:00 in Sardinia. On the way back it takes off from Olbia at 11:35 to land in UK at 13:00.

On Saturday the Easyjet Airbus departs at 06:30 from London Gatwick to land at 09:55 at the Olbia Emerald Coast airport. Then the plane departs at 10:30 from Sardinia to arrive in UK at 11:55.


During the Summer Olbia airport is connected to Amsterdam by daily and direct flights operated by Transavia and Easyjet. However it’s the Dutch airways Transavia only to fly to Olbia during the next Winter, on Tuesdays and  Saturdays.

The departure of the flight from Amsterdam to Olbia, during the Winter IATA 2017,  is set on Tuesday at 14:55 to arrive in Sardinia at 17:10. The airplane comes back from Olbia to Amsterdam in the evening taking off at 17:50 from Sardinia to land at 20:10  in Amsterdam.

On Saturday the plane takes off at 16:55 from Amsterdam Schiphol aiport to land in Olbia at 19:10. On the way back it departs from Olbia Emerald Cost Airport at 19:45 ande arrives in Holland at 22:05.


Tickets can be already purchased at travel agencies or directly on airlines’ websites.


Sardinia and United Kingdom have 1 hour gap only, it means that if in London is 9:30 then in Olbia is 10:30. You have just to add an hour. As for Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Sardinia share the same time zone.

Cover photo by Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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