Flights from Tel Aviv to Sardinia 2017 (Cagliari and Olbia Airports)

Flights from Tel Aviv to Olbia and Cagliari: Our island and Middle east are always closer, in fact during the next Summer we will have a new way to fly from Israel to Sardinia, thanks to the new direct flights from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport to Cagliari and Olbia. No stopover!

Flights Tel Aviv – Cagliari:

It’s Sundor International Airlines (El Al partner) to connect Cagliari to Tel Aviv, from the 19th July to 25th October, 2017. The airplane departs every wendsday from Israel at 07:20 AM and arrives at 10:20 AM in Sardinia. On the way back it takes off from Cagliari at 11:30 AM to land in Tel Aviv at 04:05 PM.

Flights Tel Aviv – Olbia:

It’s Arkia airline to connect Olbia to Tel Aviv with a direct flight from the 19th July up to 16th October, 2017. The departure of the flight from Tel Aviv to Olbia is set every monday at 4:55 PM. The airplane comes back from Olbia to Tel Aviva the same evening taking off at 9:40 PM from Sardinia.

Time gap between Sardinia and Israel:

Sardinia and Israel have 1 hour gap only, it means that if in Tel Aviv is 9 AM O’ clock, in Cagliari and Olbia is 8 AM O’ clock. Just a hour less.

How to arrive from Cagliari to Olbia (and vice versa):

Olbia (in the North East of Sardinia) is connected to Cagliari (in the South of the island) by taxi, bus or train. The train takes a few more than 3 hours to connect the 2 Sardinian cities and the ticket costs between 18 and 21 euros. By the way Cagliari airport has its own railway station (you have to look for “Elmas Aeroporto”) making it very easy to travel by train.

Cover photo by Maarten Visser (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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