Sardinia Real Estate Market rose 20% in 2016

Sardinia Real Estate Market rose 20% in 2016: After several years of crisis with a few property sold and prices falling down, the 2016 has been the year of recovery for the Sardinia Real Estate Market, that finally rose 20% compared to 2015, thanks to mortgage credit more widely available and very low home loan interest rates.

Buying a Luxury Home in Sardinia can be a Bargain:

If you’re looking for a safe place to store your wealth, to buy your dream house in Sardinia can be a bargain, the prices are very low and there’re lots of property on sale, even luxury ones. It’s the moment of prospective buyers, especially now that repressive financial policies across Europe make it difficult to earn decent returns on savings.

Properties Value across Sardinia:

The value of the properties can change a lot across Sardinia: much more expensive on the coast and in the big cities, cheaper – and sometime cheapest – in the inland. The average values per square meter was 1969 euros the last year, but the range you can find is between 1100 and 4650 euros. We’ve to say prices still declined of another 1.62% during the last year.

North East Sardinia is the most expensive area of our island, because of the many villas and luxury properties on the coast and because of the high request on the market. This also means that prices tend to be more stable. Plus I recall you that’s forbidden to build new houses within 300 meters from the coastline, so to have a villa directly on the sea is priceless.

The everage price for houses in Gallura is 2600 euros per square meter, but it rises up to 4650 euros in Arzachena (where the Emerald Coast lays), then in Golfo Aranci with 3850 euros, followed by Palau, Loiri, Santa Teresa Gallura and down to Olbia city (2250 euros) and Tempio Pausania (in the inland, 1150 euros).

The other most appreciated and expensive areas in our island are Stintino (with it’s stunning sea, 2500 euros per square meter), Alghero (2050 euros) and Castelsardo (1750 euros) in North West Sardinia, Domus de Maria (where it lays the tourism resort of Chia, with a few property usually on sale, and prices rising up to 2850 euro sper square meter) and Villasimius in the South (2450 euros).

Emerging areas are Dorgali (2400 euros per square meter), Orosei (2050 euros), Sant’Anna Arresi (Sulcis, in the South West, 2100 euros) and Bosa (1550 euro, right below Alghero).

Early Months of 2017 Trend in Sardinia:

The same trend is confirmed in the first couple monthes of 2017, when across Sardinia the request of property rose 4.3% and also prices were up by 2.7% year-on-year (it’s the first time in several years it happens, even if in Gallura prices are still stable).

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