Sardinia: from Blue Zones to Chanel Youth Blue Serum

Sardinia, from Blue Zones to Chanel Youth Blue Serum: as we often told you Sardinia is getting always more famous in the whole world for being one of the few Blue Zones, a concept used to identify those areas of our planet where people live measurably longer lives. Sardinia in particular is the land of centenarians and here lives the Italian oldest man. That’s why every year scientists from all over the world visit Sardinia to investigate the secret of Sardianian people wellness and longevity.

So it doesn’t surprise us if even a cosmetic world giant like Chanel noticed about Sardinian people longevity and decided to include some of our most genuine land products among the ingredients of its last youth activating skincare recipe. Chanel marketers also choose to promote their new beauty cream connecting its image to Sardinian nature, beauty and longevity (watch the Chanel promotional video above).

Here is what we can read on Chanel website:

Inspired by blue zones, regions of the world where people live better and longer, Chanel has created “Blue Serum”, for skin that looks younger and healthier. Combining 3 antioxidant and revitalising ingredients native to blue zones, Blue Serum is the new youth-activating skincare.

Sardinian Olive the Secret of the new Chanel youth-activating skincare:

Sardinia, a blue zone with a Mediterranean climate and mineral-rich soils. At the heart of the Blue Serum formula, a Sardinian olive, the “Bosana“, is highly concentrated in skin-fortifying polyphenols and essential fatty acids.

By the way even the lentisk – with its naturally rich in oleanolic acid that helps to restore the skin’s natural regenerative abilities – that Chanel takes from Greece, is very abundant in Sardinia.

However, we suggest you to come living in Sardinia for a stressless life and a truly timeless beauty!

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