Top 10 Sardinian beaches 2017, according to TripAdvisor

The best Italian and Sardinian beaches 2017: Like every year TripAdvisor released the top 10 Italian beaches list according to the reviews of its worldwide travelleres: the “Top Travellers Choice“. Well, like the past years, even in 2017 the half of the most beautiful beaches of Italy are located in Sardinia: 2nd Cala Mariolu and 3rd Cala Goloritzè (both in the heart of the wonderful Orosei gulf, on the Central East coast), 5th La Pelosa beach in Stintino (North West Sardinia, also close to Alghero), 6th Porto Giunco in Villasimius (also known as “beach of the two seas”, in the South East of our island) and 10th Is Arutas, the most shining Sinis beach (Central west Sardinia).


Porto Giunco beach, Villasimius (South East Sardinia)

The best Italian Beaches 2017:

  1. Rabbit Beach – Lampedusa (Sicily, +3)
  2. Cala Mariolu – Baunei (Sardinia, -1)
  3. Cala Goloritze – Baunei (Sardinia, +3)
  4. Cala Rossa – Isola di Favignana (Sicily, =)
  5. Spiaggia La Pelosa – Stintino (Sardegna, -3)
  6. Porto Giunco – Villasimius (Sardinia, +4)
  7. Baia del Silenzio – Sestri Levante (Liguria, =)
  8. Spiaggia Cala Bianca – Marina di Camerota (Campania, new entry)
  9. Spiaggia di Tropea – Tropea (Calabria, -6)
  10. Is Arutas – Cabras (Sardinia, new entry)

La Pelosa beach, north west Sardinia (picture by Tommie Hansen – CC BY 2.0)

You can also have a look of the “Top Travellers Choice“ of the past two years:


Walking on the white rice-sand beach of Is Arutas (photo by Daniele – CC BY 2.0)

Best Sardinian Beaches 2017:

But what about the most appreciated Sardinian beaches always according to TripAdvisor Travellers? Here is the full list:

  1. Cala Mariolu (Baunei, Central East Sardinia)
  2. Beaches of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park (La Maddalena, extreme North East Sardinia, Gallura)
  3. Cala Goloritzè (Baunei, Central East Sardinia)
  4. La Pelosa Beach (Stintino, North West Sardinia, Gallura)
  5. Porto Giunco (Villasimius, South East Sardinia)
  6. Is Arutas (Cabras, Central West Sardinia)
  7. Cala Spinosa (Santa Teresa Gallura, North East Sardinia, Gallura)
  8. Lu Impostu Beach (San Teodoro, North East Sardinia, Gallura)
  9. Is Arenas Bianca Beach (Teulada, South West Sardinia)
  10. Cala Sinzias (Castiadas, South East Sardinia)

Cala Spinosa, Capo Testa, Santa Teresa Gallura (north east Sardinia)

Have you ever been in Sardinia? Do you agree this list? What’s your favorite Sardinian beach?

photo credit: Cala Mariolu - Baunei - asibiri via photopin cc)
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