It’s Sardinian the Italian oldest man!

The Italian oldest man is Sardinian: His name is Valerio Piroddi, as known as “Tziu Mundicu” (that stays for “Uncle Mundicu“), he just turned 111 and he’s the oldest italian man. Tizu Mundicu lives in South Sardinia, in the industrial city of Assemini, but he spent most of his life working as a farmer in the Sardinian rural inland (he worked until the age of 85).

The doctor who is taking care of him says that, by a biological point of you, Tziu Mundicu shows to be 20 years younger than he is, and that he still has “excellent memory and motor skills“.

What’s the secret of Sardinian longevity?

Part of the secret is surely in Sardinian DNA, our island in fact is one of the only 7 worldwide blue zones, a concept used to identify a demographic and/or geographic area of the world where people live measurably longer lives. By the way that’s why a UK firm bought the genetic samples of over 12,000 Sardinians, with the goal to study, understand and uncover why we do live so long. In particular Sardinia is the world’s country were men lives longer, almost in a 1:1 ratio with women.

Uncontaminated landscapes and Sardinian diet:

Also important is the beautiful and uncontaminated landscape, as much as the Mediterranean diet with plenty of fresh local fruit and vegetables along with olive oil, eggs, snails, cheese and a glass of red wine. Tziu Mundicu also enjoyed sardinian traditional sweets and ice cream. A group of American food and medical scientists came in Sardinia the last year to study our centenarians and understand what are the 10 sardianian foods that may lengthen your life.

But part of tziu Mundicu secret is surelly in his mind and in his positive attitude, he tries to lives independently and he still shaves himself alone every morning, just before going out for a walk.

Cover picture: Tziu Mundicu (on the left) meeting Assemini’s Major.

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