2017 Giro d’Italia will start in Sardinia

2017 Giro d’Italia will start in Sardinia: after 10 years of absence the so called “Corsa Rosa” comes back to Sardinia the next year for its 100th edition. The first three road stages of the “Giro 100” are then in Sardinia: the race will start May 5 from Alghero to arrive in Olbia (from the North West to the North Est of the island), the second stage is from Olbia to Tortolì (from North East to central East Sardinia) and the third stage from Tortolì to Cagliari (in South East of the island). This is the third time that the Giro has started in Sardinia after 1991 and 2007.

Sardinia has not big mountains, but its hilly land is a no end sequence of ups and downs, plus the Giro management cut off the main plains of the island from the route. Does it mean that all the stages will be for sprinters? Definetely yes, but they’ll have to work for it.

The three stages have been designed to show to the Giro international public some of the most breath taking coastal lines and charming beaches of our island, by this point of view the first and third stages are truly astonishing.

First stage Alghero Olbia (May 6 – 203 kilometres):

The first stage of the route stats in the Catalan city of Alghero to arrive to the Sardinian tourism capital of Olbia, through wonderful places like Castelsardo, Paradise Coast, Santa Teresa Gallura and getting close to the famous “Emerald coast“. The last part of the route culminates in a 20-kilometre climb ideal to finisseurs, it’s the last chance for them to avoid the final sprint in Olbia.

Second stage Olbia-Tortolì (May 6 – 208 kilometres):

That’s what we can have in Sardinia closer to a mountain stage, with some rough hill to climb in the wild inner side of our island, but nothing more, once again a final sprint is expected.

Third stage Tortolì-Cagliari (May 7 – 148 kilometres):

The final stage of the Giro in Sardinia is a long downhill to Cagliari, the capital city of our island, by a touristic point of view it will be a stunning show for our eyes, from Muravera to Costa Rei, from Villasimius to Geremeas, up to Cagliari. From the North to the South Sardinia prepare yourself to watch something really close to Heaven on Earth.


As you can see the Giro will not visit the Fabio Aru birth place, Villacidro (it’s in the west side of the island), despite the winner of the Vuelta 2015 (and 2 times on the Giro podium), is the most most important sardinian cyclist ever. He should be at start anyway:

Since I’ve heard the rumours about a Giro Big Start in my Region I’ve always hoped it was really going to happen. I will make my next year’s racing programs with our sport directors at the end of November, but I can certainly say that I wouldn’t like to miss a Giro that starts in my Sardinia for anything in the world.

You’re all invited to come here and have fun during the three sardinian stages of the Giro d’Italia, you might also think to try the stages yourself during the winter, that in Sardinia is always warm,  and if u fall in love for this awesome land, contact us to find your Sardinian dream house. We will be glad to help you, working in your own interest only.

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