Pink Flamingos in Sardinia, 10.000 nesting in Cagliari!

Pink Flamingos in Sardinia, hundreds of puppies are born in Cagliari: Sardinia with its many lagoons  is a paradise for bird watchers, from the Molentargius-Saline park to the Santa Gilla lagoon in Cagliari to the one of Sant’Antioco in Sulcis, from the wetlands which stay behind the tourist resort beaches like Muravera, Villasimius or Chia in the south of Sardinia, to the ponds of Santa Giusta and Cabras in Oristano, or still in Tortolì along the central eastern coast, with its large fishpond, then up, towards oasis of Biderosa and the great wetland of Posada in the province of Nuoro. It then goes back up to Gallura with the San Teodoro Lagoon to that of Olbia and then up to Cannigione. There is virtually no area of Sardinia in which it is not possible to lurk with binoculars looking for more or less rare species, but always spectacular: herons and cormorants, egrets and coots, chickens sultans and marsh hawks and so on.

The Pink Flamingo:

But of all the pink flamingo stands out for its innate elegance and bright colours, it can be observed in all the areas mentioned so far – Sardinia is a rest area in its migration between Europe and Africa – usually with his head under the water in search of tiny crustaceans on which they feed, or, especially in the evening, while they rise in the evening realizing magnificent choreography in the sky. So much so that the flamingos have become one of the symbols of the island.


Pink flamingos nesting in Cagliari:

Well, the pink flamingo is the protagonist of a real natural miracle that takes place every year in the lagoons surrounding Cagliari. Between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena in fact, at the salt pans and the pond of Molentargius, one can see large colonies of flamingos lay eggs and then raise pulli (as they call the little flamingo), as soon as they hatch.


However, the flamingos love to take care their young together, in large nursery easier to monitor from a few adults. But above all this is the unique case in the world in which these birds usually so shy, nest in a modern city, so highly urbanized, built up and noisy. A unique case which attracts every year thousands of flamingos from Africa and all over Europe, as evidenced by the identification rings.

Born the first pink Flamingos puppies of 2016 in Cagliari:

They are grey-brown in colour, small, clumsy and chubby, they are the first of pink flamingo puppies born in these days in Cagliari. The new-borns belong to a colony of about ten thousand species that has settled in April along the salt pans of Molentargius. Nesting has also expanded in recent years, even to the salt pans of the Laguna of Santa Gilla (which is still in working, unlike Molentargius). In short, even the flamingos are well in Sardinia and decided take up residence!


Where to see the pink flamingos in Cagliari:

This is a show that you can easily see or from the Monte Urpino panoramic viewpoint, or from the telescope placed on the terrace of Palazzo Square in Castello, or, thanks to the tourist guides of the “Parco Regionale Molentargius – Saline” (born to protect the flamingos and all species of the most important wewetlands of Mediterranean), directly from the pond.

All the pics are property of the Molentargius Saline Regional Park, here on Facebook.

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  • Stewart Lindsay

    Can you let me know when the best time to see the flamingos performing their mating “dance”. Trying to arrange to be there to see that spectacle.

  • Sardinia Property Finder

    It depends on weather condition, the spectacular pink flamingo’s “mating dance” usually takes place from the end of February up to April.

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