South Sardinia first Sustainable Destination in Europe

The South Sardinia is the first and only sustainable tourism destination in Europe, has certified the European Union at the end of a journey that began in 2013, according to which – thanks to an agreement between the municipalities of Cagliari, Domus de Maria , Muravera, Pula and Villasimius and their tourist associations and in collaboration with the University of Cagliari – were implemented a series of policies and practices for sustainable development of the territory and in favor of the community that inhabits it. The project has seen the emergence of the South Sardinia among 200 destinations spread throughout Europe (including prominent destinations, such as Barcelona).

South Sardinia first sustainable tourism destination in the Mediterranean:

Southern Sardinia had already been rewarded for putting in place a series of actions and procedures, the so-called “best practices”, in terms of sustainable tourism development, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), a non-governmental agency which operates under the umbrella of the UN and which has among its members several of its agencies, but also organizations and private entities (such as the FEE, the organization that recognizes and awards the Blue flags). All united by the search for more sustainable tourism.

The target GSTC criteria are in fact becoming a benchmark for sustainability around the world, just as actions to protect and preserve the natural and cultural features of the territory that are being implemented in South Sardinia. As Early Adopter, South Sardinia it has shown global leadership and commitment to sustainability.

In short, to define and apply best practices of sustainability according to recognized international standards for safeguarding the environment, community and identity, in order to promote the responsible and sustainable tourism development that preserves the territory and its resources for the benefit of future generations.

Welcome to the South Sardinia.

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