The most beautiful beaches in Italy? In Sardinia, they say the travelers on TripAdvisor!

According to the “Traveler’s Choice Beaches Awards 2016“, which drafted as every year a true ranking of the most popular Italian beaches: Cala Mariolu is the most beautiful beach in Italy. And after Cala Mariolu – or if you prefer the Sardinian name “Ispuligi de nie” – on the east coast of Sartinia, on the coast of Baunei, in the Gulf of Orosei, in second place we have another Sardinian beach: La Pelosa beach of Stintino, pearl of the north west of the island.

A total of 5 Sardinian beaches in the top 10 of the Italian beaches: in sixth place Cala Goloritzé, in ninth La Cinta beach in San Teodoro and in tenth Porto Giunco in ​​Villasimius.


Porto Giunco beach, Villasimius (South East Sardinia)

So if you love the sea, beautiful and always different, thousand colours and shades, unspoiled and unique transparency of the water, if you love the great beaches with all possible services or small isolated coves, then the answer is only one, you have to come to Sardinia.

The most beautiful beaches of Italy of 2016 according to Advisor:

  1. Cala Mariolu – Baunei (Centre East Sardinia)
  2. La Pelosa – Stintino (North West Sardinia)
  3. Tropea Beach- Tropea
  4. Spiaggia dei conigli – Lampedusa
  5. Cala Rossa – Favignana
  6. Cala Goloritze – Baunei (Centre East Sardinia)
  7. Baia del Silenzio – Sestri Levante
  8. Beach Porto Selvaggio – Lecce
  9. La Cinta Beach – San Teodoro (North Est Sardinia)
  10. Porto Giunco ​​- Villasimius (South Est Sardinia)

Kitesurfing at La Cinta beach, San Teodoro (North East Sardinia)

You agree with this ranking?

Actually in Sardinia there would be at least fifty beaches that deserve to get into the top 10 of the most beautiful beaches, as anyone who knows well our island will be able to confirm. You agree with this ranking? Which Sardinian beach is missing, but it should absolutely be included? Have your say!

Cover photo: Cala Mariolu, by Vasile Cotovanu (CC BY 2.0)
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