Santa Teresa di Gallura, animal and pet friendly location!

Santa Teresa di Gallura, animal and pet friendly location: More than half of European families own pets, especially dogs and cats, so that is the reason why choosing the place to go on vacation and, even more, where to live, also involves “animal friendly” aspects.

Santa Teresa di Gallura: a dog beach, but not only that:

Santa Teresa di Gallura, the Municipality which lies in north Sardinia (from here you can also embark for Bonifacio, Corsica), is one of the most pet friendly location of the whole island. It houses Porto Fido, one of the most popular dog beach in Sardinia. It also supports the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism called “Welcome Tourists with 4 feet“, aimed at encouraging the access of pets within the tourist facilities.

Dogs well accepted in the cultural facilities of Santa Teresa Gallura:

The Municipality opens four cultural facilities in town to dogs and other small pets with their owners:

  • Learning Center Multipurpose Archaeological area “Lu Brandali”
  • Library “Grazia Deledda”
  • Library “Ferruccio Mannoni”
  • Municipal Media Library

In each of these structures you will find food and water bowls for your pets.

In addition, the municipality distributes free bags for collecting your dog waste, in 10 points of the country, where they are accommodated special “ecodog despenser“.

Are dogs allowed to go into shops and restaurants? That’s what the law says:

The Italian and European law also grants access to the dogs in: shops, restaurants and bars in all public places. In short, you can dine with your pet (provided with muzzle and leash) and even receive visits in a hospital clinic. The dog must not, however, approach the areas dedicated to the preparation and handling of food.

It is up to the operators, in case they don’t want animals to come in, make a specific request to the Municipality, where their commercial areas are located, asking for a ban on access to our 4-legged friends, which will be released only on the basis of practical need to protect health and hygiene. So the sign “I can not enter” must be pre-authorized.

Are dogs allowed to get in supermarkets? That’s what the law says:

As for supermarkets, they do not fall into the category of public places, so according to the Italian and European law our dog should expect out, although it is not uncommon to see dogs go around among the shelves with their owners. The dogs for blind people are allowed to go everywhere with their owners.

Places and unique landscapes for walks with our 4-legged friends:

Santa Teresa di Gallura is one the best place where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and long walks together with your loved pets, among the scents and colors of the paths along the coast such as the incomparable Capo Testa, where it will soon be established a new marine protected area.

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