Sardinia, you’ll be able to go to the sea even in November (photo)

Until when can you swim in Sardinia? This is the question most often asked to us, Sardinian, by those who come to our beautiful island on vacation or for work. Often, in fact , here you can enjoy beautiful sunny days with mild temperatures also well away from the summer. We can say that starting from May until late November is still possible to find the right day to go to the beach and swim (not only of sun!).

Obviously the more you move away from the summer temperatures, the temperature of the water goes down, but, above all for the peoples of northern Europe, they are good even in the off season, just look at the photos of this article taken last Sunday, November 1, 2015, in Alghero.



The “San Martino” summer (Indian summer) maximum up to 28 ° C until mid-November:

Not only that, next Saturday in Sardinia there will be what is commonly called “Indian Summer” (or “Veranillo de San Miguel” in spanish), with spring temperatures and anticipated maximum around 24/25 ° C, with peaks of 27/28 ° C. A period of sunshine and clear skies that will begin on November 8 to end the 15th of that month (and it is not unusual to have temperatures like those until Christmas, depends a bit ‘on the year!).



So…. will we be able to take a swim until mid-November? We bet so!

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