The Spanish Tower of Isola Rossa

The Spanish Tower of Isola Rossa: Sardinia is famous for large stone buildings, over 7,000 nuraghi often built with gigantic boulders, heavy even several tons, but they are not the only towers present on our island. Along the coast of Sardinia, in fact, starting from the 15th / 16th century, during the Spanish rule, there were built lots of towers, more or less large, but built with a single purpose: to protect the productive activities – especially the tuna and fishing communities – and local people from the arrival of pirates Saracens who left North Africa for their bloody raids. Towers which indeed tended to acquire locally new uses and new meanings.

Today we will speak about the so-called “Spanish Tower” of the Isola Rossa (in the tourist area known as the Costa Rossa, in the territory of Trinità d’ Agultu). Built between 1578 and 1595, depending on the source, and still in good condition, it was built in a panoramic position on the promontory 35 meters high that dominates both La Marinedda Beach and Longa Beach, with the aim of defending the coastal areas from frequent raids of North African pirates.

In the following centuries also it absolved the task of preventing, the illegal trafficking between Sardinia and Corsica – the so called contraband – but it also made the backdrop for conspiracies and anti-feudal revolts.

A tower that well sums up the history of Sardinia:

So a tower that tells much about Sardinia, island that stands on the midway between the Mediterranean and Europe, for thousands years in the middle of a vast network of trade and reciprocal influences between the opposite shores of the Mare Nostrum.


Getting there and visiting the Spanish Tower of Isola Rossa:

Getting to the monument is much easier, more difficult is to visit it. The best thing to do is admire it from the outside, since the only entrance is located and 5 meters high and are not recommended climbing, despite the top of the tower you can enjoy a unique astonishing panorama.

All the pics are courtesy of Costa Rossa Tourism office
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