Smeraldina among the 10 best mineral waters in the world!

According to various analyzes that, year after year, have been carried out by consumer associations, we can say that the water that comes from the taps of Sardinia is among the best in Italy, but if you love the taste of mineral water in our island, you will find a wide choice of local labels, bottling the waters of this enchanted island.

Top 10 Bottled Waters:

The American magazine – since 1969 the guide to the good results providing restaurant, hotel, travel & other witty reviews by a handpicked, worldwide team of discerning professionals (and your views, too) – in particular, included the mineral water Smeraldina, bottled in Monti di Deu (God’s mountains) in the territory of Tempio Pausania, in Gallura (in the north east of Sardinia) among the 10 best in the world.


One of the many public fountain in Tempio Pausania, Sardinia

Smeraldina: the water of longevity?

An important recognition for a brand that has always represented an excellence in Sardinia and which this year celebrates its 30th birthday, water that has been chosen for this reason:

It must be in the water – at least that’s one theory for Sardinia’s unusually high concentration of centenarians. The Italian island has long been known for its healthy, happy residents, most of whom-were raised on the mineral-rich water bubbling just beneath the surface. While a trip to Sardinia is out of the question for many, you can discover the restorative powers of its springs at home with Acqua Smeraldina . Bottled at the source at Monte di Deu (the “Mountain of God”), the Smeraldina’s artesian water is naturally filtered through subterranean granite rock, which imparts it with health-boosting trace elements and a light, refreshing taste.

Sandalia, sparkling water most beloved by Sardinian:

And if you prefer the natural mineral water with bubbles, our advice is water Sandalia (the ancient greek name of Sardinia), flowing at 49 degrees in the south of the island, in loc. “s’acqua cotta” (“hot water”), which owes its name to the presence of hot water that comes naturally from the ground. Having so many minerals maybe it is a little heavy, but great tasting, because it is not true that the water is all the same!

photo credit: Tempio tourism office
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  • Kathy Reiche

    Where can I buy this water in Santa Rosa or Windsor California, USA?

    Kathy Reiche

  • Sardinia Property Finder

    Hello Kathy, you can ask to Smeraldina commercial office in New York: The Empire State Building 350 Fifth Avenue 59th Floor New York, NY 10118 – Tel. 212-601-2886 –

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