10 reasons to buy a house in San Teodoro, Sardinia!

10 reasons to buy a house  in San TeodoroAmong the most popular location of Sardinia there is San Teodoro, in the northeast of our island, in Gallura region but bordering the Baronie. It is a place not crowded in winter: the residents are only 4800, but it literally explodes of life in the summer, with tens of thousands of tourists. But should it be convenient to buy a house in San Teodoro? For which kind of client is this part of Sardinia suitable?

10 reasons to buy a property in San Teodoro:

1) Variety of Beaches: The first reason that might push us to buy a house in San Teodoro is the beauty of the coast and the sea: from the central and long beach of La Cinta, which departs directly from the village and continues for kilometres, to the beaches and coves that enter the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo. The most beautiful? Probably the beautiful Cala Brandinchi, but it is difficult to choose. Salina Bamba, Baja Salinedda , Cala Suaraccia, Lu Impostu … all so beautiful. Every summer the beaches are connected to the center of San Teodoro and its surroundings with comfortable shuttle bus or tourist trains.

2) Beaches suitable for children: they are shallow beaches and degrading. The most famous is La Cinta beach (look at the pics!): very suitable for families with children, enough to be selected with the Green Flag by Italian pediatricians (the Green Flag indicates the most suitable beaches more for children, for the characteristics of the sea, the beach, but also for services).

3) Marine Protected Area of Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo: It is one of seven areas of protected sea in Sardinia, but it is the one that more than any others has been able to integrate protection of the sea and tourism. It contains 50% of the species of vertebrates of Sardinia, in a marine environment rich in species and biodiversity, as certified by scientists of the National Geographic. The southern part of the Marine Protected Area is part of the territory of San Teodoro.

Effetto Riserva AMP Tavolara from AMP Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo on Vimeo.

4) Dog beach: In San Teodoro you can go to the beach with your dogs, there is, in fact, the Doggie beach of Costa Caddu, which has 25 seats for a maximum of two dogs, the beach is not equipped but admission is free and you do not pay parking.

5) Active tourism: San Teodoro is undoubtedly one of the most interesting location for active tourism in Sardinia, where in summer you can enjoy windsurfing, sailing (your boat or yacht can be hosted by the Puntaldia Marina), diving and snorkelling, swimming, kayaking ; in colder season and in the winter you can devote to cycling, walking or horseback riding along the coast and in the inland (Monte Nieddu), not forgetting the great bird watching in the lagoon behind the beach of La Cinta.


6) Excursions to the inland of Sardinia and in the farm: San Teodoro is located in the Province of Olbia Temple but – due to the administrative reorganization in progress – it will be back soon in the province of Nuoro, this means that you can easily move to the inland of the island, where you will find the most authentic Sardinia. Driving on the comfortable 4-lane road SS131, for example, you will be able to visit the villages participating in Autumn in Barbagia. In the area there are also many places that allow you to taste the authentic delicacies that have made Sardinia famous worldwide.

7) Close to the airport of Olbia Costa Smeralda: Olbia Airport is only 28 km from San Teodoro, reachable in just 24 minutes. A little further there is the port of Olbia if you want to travel with your car.

8) Close to the hospital Mater Olbia: 28 kilometres and 25 minutes away by car it is also very modern hospital Mater Olbia, which will open the first unit in December and that will be one of the top Italian and European healthcare centre.

9) Entertainments in summer, silence and relax in the winter: another characteristic of San Teodoro is the duality between summer and winter, though July and August it is very crowded and somewhat chaotic, but offer plenty of local and ideas for fun in the evening; in the winter months, from October to May, it is the exact opposite, you are immersed in the tranquility and absolute peace.

10) Close to Olbia: San Teodoro is at less than half an hour from Olbia, an average city of 70,000 inhabitants is a short distance so that you can find everything you need at any time of year.

If you’ve been to San Teodoro you already know its neat and elegant aspect, most of the buildings were built in recent years, before suffering a major brake with the last economic crisis that has suddenly lowered prices . Here you will find, houses, villas and cottages to suit all tastes at competitive prices. Contact us now for more details, we will help you to find the right property for your need working in your own interest only!

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