Dog beaches in Gallura and Costa Smeralda, North Sardinia!

Dog beaches in Gallura, North East Sardinia: In recent years there was a big change in the attention paid to pets and their owners who, especially in the more tourist areas, are usually well accepted both in accommodation and in stores. Even travelling with our “special friends” has become easier with cabins dedicated to them on ferries, following the routes from and to Sardinia. It remained only one obstacle: the beaches off limits, with fines between 100 and a 1000 Euros for those who brought their dogs on public beaches.

Fortunately, thanks to a general turning animal friendly – due to the fact that in the homes of at least half of the Europeans there is an animal of affection and due to an appropriate regional order that requires all coastal municipalities to allocate a section of the coast to dogs – we have seen in recent years a continue opening of dog beaches.

Only in Gallura they are 12 (out of a total of about 35 beaches at the regional level), not always the quality is excellent, there is still a tendency to open to dog owners the less beautiful beaches, but something is improving in this sense. Let’s see the 12 dog beaches in north Sardinia (Costa Smeralda included, the list follows the alphabetical order of the localities).

The 12 dog beaches in the Northeast Sardinia:

  • Arzachena (Baja Sardinia, Costa Smeralda) – Dog Beach: Lu Postu Beach Free, confirmed this year by the City of Arzachena. It has baskets and kits for distribution of pallets.
  • Arzachena (Cannigione, Costa Smeralda) – Beach for dogs Sciumara: free.
  • Arzachena (Costa Smeralda) – Area for dogs in Poltu Liccia: free
  • Badesi – Dog friendly beach resort in Mimosa Bay (up to 20 animals)
  • BudoniDog Beach Li Salineddi
  • La Maddalena (Caprera) – Porto Palma Dog Beach: Located in the National Park of La Maddalena, also if it is small, it is one of the historical and most popular dog beach in Sardinia. It is allowed only to people with dogs, there are no fences. Bowl and drinking water provided free, the dog must be kept on a leash.
  • Olbia Cala Razza di Iunco
  • Olbia – Dog beach in Le Saline (Punta Calvone)
  • Olbia (Porto Rotondo, Costa Smeralda) – Ira Beach, Dog Beach at Privè: This is a private grassy terrace overlooking the beach and that is actually named “Da Roberto”, tel: 0789 34135.
  • Palau – Palau Bau bau – Doggie beach of Punta Nera: twenty workstations equipped with umbrellas, water bowl and bag kit. There is also a tank of fresh water for a quick shower: just for the dog of course!
  • San Teodoro – Dog Beach in Costa Caddu: 25 seats for a maximum of two dogs, It is also confirmed that for 2015 the beach is not equipped, but, the admission is free and you do not pay parking
  • Santa Teresa di GalluraPorto Fido, at the beach of Porto Quadro: It has 25 seats and is one of the most popular dog beaches in northern Sardinia. For info: cell: 3406933636, or [email protected]

Dog beaches in Baronia and in province of Nuoro:

A few miles south of Gallura, in the so called “Baronia” (already in the province of Nuoro), there are 3 other dog beaches:

  • Cala Gonone (Dorgali) – Dog Beach: Sos Dorroles
  • Posada – Dog Beach: Sutta Riu
  • Siniscola – Dog Beach: La Caletta

The photo is a courtesy of Palau Dog Beach.

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