Costa Rossa beaches in Sardinia, from Costa Paradiso to Isola Rossa!

Amazing beaches in Costa Rossa, Sardinia: today we will speak about one of the most beautiful location in Sardinia, the so-called Costa Rossa, new expression of identity that goes to identify the coastline in the territory of Trinità d’Agultu. It ‘s a place still wild and unspoilt, dotted with coves and bays, with beautiful hiking trails, including the granite rocks in different shades of pink, shaped by the wind. But above all, it is characterized by clear waters and so intense shades as to be a paradise for lovers of snorkelling and diving.

Where is it, and how to get in Costa Rossa:

Where is the Costa Rossa? Costa Rossa is located in northern Sardinia, in the province of Gallura, almost halfway between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Castelsardo, one hour and 20 minutes drive from Olbia and its airport, and an hour and a half from Fertilia airport and Alghero (Riviera del Corallo).

The main center is Trinità d’ Agultu, urban center, which arose in the hinterland, in the second half of the nineteenth century and developed around the ancient and picturesque Church of Trinità.

Anyway, Costa Rossa is best known for its villages to the sea: Isola Rossa, Cala Rossa and Costa Paradiso over all.

Driving to the beaches of Costa Rossa, Northern Sardinia:

Isola Rossa and La Marinedda:


Isola Rossa, takes its name from the island that stand on its front (just 400 meters from the coast). Here you can admire the high coastal tower, built in the Middle Ages to defend the area from pirate raids and Saracens. Within short distance there are two beaches: the Longa beach (south) between the cliffs of Li Bicchi Russi and those of the belvedere – and La Marinedda (north) – we have already discussed about this beach as the paradise of the surfers. Both beaches are equipped with many amenities and accommodations.

Li Feruli:


Just south of Isola Rossa, there is Li Feruli beach, which extends along the coast to connect with Li Junchi beach in the territory of Badesi. To get to the beach you have to follow the coast road to the junction with indication “Scalitta”, the road is narrow but asphalted and the beach is one of the least crowded of the territory.



North of the beach of La Marinedda you can find Tinnari beach, a bay which takes its name from the mountain that overlooks the bay, where the Riu Pirastru flows into. It stands out for its double-arc form – that is to join the center by a group of rocks that juts out into the sea – and for the incredible colors of its waters. This beach is reachable by car, but is most often reached by boat.

Costa Paradiso and the beach of Li Cossi:


Moving to the east is now one of the most fascinating location of Costa Rossa: you enter in the heart of Costa Paradiso. A continuous succession of coves, fjords and natural pools to be discovered and where the sea water touches so many incredible shades of color, from emerald green to the blue more intense. A landscape not to be missed, with swimmers divers, up to hikers. Landscape that culminates in the beach and bay of Li Cossi, one of the most beautiful of Sardinia, in a cove sheltered from the wind, closed between the rocks and the towering cliffs of pink trachyte. The beach was formed over thousands of years thanks to the sediments of the eponymous river that runs through it, which also forms a small pond behind the dunes. It is also accessible by dinghy or through the typical path, just a short walk.

Cala Serraina:


Cala Faa

Further along is Cala Sarraina: the cove has always been a natural harbor for the fishermen of the area and includes a beach of fine white sand. The cove is well signposted. Still not over do not miss Cala Faa. But the advice I can give is to explore every inch of this coast because there are so many beaches, coves and bays to be discovered, from La Cruzitta to Porto Leccio, from Cala Calboni to Lu Poltu Pitrosu, or even to Li Canneddi .


Map of Costa Rossa beaches:


Buying a house in Costa Rossa:

If you already know this stretch of coast, and if, as likely, it has conquered your heart enough to make you think about buying a property in the area, please contact us, we will seek the best solution for you, without obligation and acting in your interest only.

All the pics are courtesy of Costa Rossa Tourism office
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