Could Sardinia be the ancient island of Atlantis?

Is Sardinia the lost island of Atlantis? We have so far only mentioned the many secrets and mysteries of Sardinia, a land so ancient that in Sorgono (Nuoro ) we can find a complex of more than 150 menhirs, built at least 200 years before the English Stonehenge. Near Sassari there is Monte d’Accoddi, a construction similar to the Ziqqurath of Mesopotamia and built in stone, 500 years before the pyramids. Throughout the island you can find stone castles with more than 20 towers, over 20 meters tall: they are called nuraghi and were built 800 years before the founding of Rome. In Cabras were found impressive stone sculptures – the Giants Mont’e Prama – which are, in the Mediterranean, later in time only to some sculptures of ancient Egypt.

Here in a land so ancient, yet so little studied and known, can easily arise legends and new theories, the last of which speaks of Sardinia as the possible site of the famous Atlantis. It is known that Atlantis was to be found beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in the Strait of Gibraltar. Instead, the theory of the journalist Sergio Frau moves these Pillars, this border, in shallow waters between Malta and Sicily, believing it wasn’t a physical border, but a geopolitical one, to confirm the division and sphere of influence between the waters dominated by the Greeks and those dominated by the Phoenicians.

By moving the Pillars of Hercules, all the descriptions of Plato and the historians of the time finally find consistency, so that Sardinia is consider the true Atlantis. And the tidal wave? The tremendous cataclysm? Well: in the south of the island rarely the nuraghi are integers and they usually are submerged by mud, sometimes they have become unexpected mounds that hide immense ruins, such as those on Nuraxi of Barumini, the site now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage.

In short, was Sardinia the land of Atlantis? We’ll never know for sure, here is the video broadcast last year in Miami, USA. Good viewing!

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