Jazz and Sardinia, a summer and a whole year in music!

From July 2 to 5 , 2015 the European Jazz Expo inaugurated the great summer jazz of Sardinia, which was held, for the first time, at the Parco dei Suoni of Riola Sardo, for something like 4 stages, 40 concerts and 150 artists, which were attended by over 10,000 spectators.

Yet it was just a tasty appetizer, in fact Sardinia is a land of strong colours of jazz, not only for being the birthplace of one of the most important horns of the world music scene, as Paolo Fresu (as well as other well known musicians, as Enzo Favata), but for the great attention and passionate audience that it is able to attract: all year long Sardinia provides festivals, events and jazz concerts.

It started in December and January with “Ai confini tra Sardegna e il Jazz” in Sant’Anna Arresi, in the southwest of Sardinia, it has continued with many appointments as “Forma e Poesia nel Jazz” in Cagliari in Spring, or the “School of Jazz” of Stintino at the beginning of the month, but only now we’re really going to get into the heart of the events.

Narcao Blues 2015


It starts today in Narcao – in the Sulcis region – the only major blues festival remained in the island: the Narcao Blues, scheduled for July 22 to 25, 2015. The headers are the “Play for Change“, which bring together dozens and dozens of the best street artists in the world, who play for the planet in order to raise funds to build schools for the poorest children.

Cala Gonone Jazz Festival 2015

From July 29 to August 2, 2015 in Cala Gonone, a hamlet of Dorgali (along the central eastern coast of Sardinia), it will take place the Cala Gonone Jazz Festival, now in its 28th edition, with a program designed for women to honour Billie Holiday for the centenary of his birth.

Nora International Jazz Festival 2015

Soon after, in the charming location of the Roman theatre of Nora, Pula, in southern Sardinia, here is the International Nora Jazz Festival, August 6 to 11, 2015.

Time in Jazz 2015

Time in Jazz, now in its 28th edition, will have as its theme the “Wings“. It will take place in Gallura: in Berchidda and in the closest municipalities, in August from 8 to 18, 2015, with 11 days of music and more than 40 concerts – among the guests I quote Louis Moholo-Moholo, Manu Katché, Lars Danielsson, Stefano Bollani, Michel Godard, Nguyen Lê, Oren Marshall, Dave Holland and Kenny Barron -, under the artistic direction of Paolo Fresu.

Immediately after – August 20 to 30, 2015 – will start the seminars and concerts of Nuoro Jazz ( Nuoro is located in the mountainous centre of Sardinia )

Music on the “Bocche” (Bocche di Bonifacio) 2015


In Santa Teresa di Gallura you’ll have the opportunity to attend one of the most fascinating festivals of Sardinia, with concerts at dawn on the beautiful beaches of Cala Grande (also known as Valley of the Moon, at Capo Testa) and Rena Bianca. It is the 15th edition of the International Jazz Festival “Musica sulle Bocche”, August 26 to 30, 2015, for the artistic direction of Enzo Favata.

Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz

In September from 1 to 6, 2015 the great appointment with “Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz”, again in Sant’Anna Arresi, in the southwest of the island.

Paolo Fresu always says that for him, who was born into a family of shepherds, the first trip was “imaginary”: made between Sardinia and the world; it was the first step of an adventure that was made possible by the talent of course, but also by the desire not to settle, the will to try and to experiment. Besides, in the jazz world there aren’t two concerts alike, otherwise it would not be jazz. There is instead a need to get back into doubt, to try new things and to forget the certainties. Here this is the great lesson of jazz: music, but not only.

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