Mater Olbia, ready in June 2018, the new hospital excellence of Sardinia!

Update (16th February 2018): when we opened this blog 3 years ago, during the visit of the Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, it was announced that Mater Olbia hospital was going to open by 2015. Well we all know now that it never happened at the end. However we’re glad to update this post today with the brand new announcement of the next opening of the Mater Olbia Hospital. In fact the first part of the new Olbia’s hospital will open in June 2018 according to Qatar’s ambassador in Italy, Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Malki Al Jehani, that yesterday was in Gallura. It will need some more time instead to finish the hotel and sport facilities annexed to the hospital.

What Mater Olbia is?

Mater Olbia is the new hospital in Olbia, northern Sardinia, that with its hospital 290-beds is set to become one of the top in Italian and European healthcare. It will offer not only a wide range of hospital services – including cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic and pediatric, as well as a rehabilitation centre- but it will become a specialized research centre either. Pediatrics will also be organized by the “Bambin Gesù“, the famous foundation owned by the Vatican, who runs the namesake Roman hospital.

Rashid Al-Naimi, CEO of QFE (Qatar Foundation Endowment, not-for-profit organisation of the Gulf country’s royal family, which financed the completion of work), outlined the plans for the new structure:

We are delighted that our investment has received overwhelming from the Italian authorities. I am excited about this investment opportunity for the QFE, as we firmly believe that the hospital Mater Olbia become a world-class hospital and medical research centre, giving benefit to patients from Sardinia and from all over the world.

Premier Renzi:

This is both a turning and restart point, we must focus on human capital, this is the Mater Olbia: synergy between authorities: the Vatican, Sardinia, State and international investor, the Qatar Foundation, whom I thank.

And yet:

Italy is the second country in the world where you live longer, also for human relationships, thanks to Sardinia who has taught the rest of the country.


This is the second big Qatari investment in Sardinia, after the purchase of the Costa Smeralda.

The new hospital will develop a network of strategic alliances with other hospitals and research centres, including: Sidra Hospital, a centre for research and treatment for women and children in Doha, Qatar; Hamad Medical Corporation, the leading healthcare provider in Qatar; research centres of the Qatar Foundation (including its global research network); research centres of the University of Sassari and Cagliari, as well as various research centres in Sardinia and Italy.

The whole project will be completed by the end of 2015, the total investment is over one billion euro.

photo credit: The pic of the hospital has been taken by a Facebook page dedicated to Mater Olbia not active anymore.
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