Milan EXPO 2015 : Great success of Sardinian cuisine in Eateataly!

We announced that in May 2015 Sardinia was represented to the EXPO in Milan from Chef Manuele Fanutza, restaurant Letizia Nuxis, in Sulcis. Well, if Manuel was known as the “chef of mushrooms“, he will now also known as the “chef of Sardinian goat stew“. This dish has been so successful that also the important Italian magazine L’Espresso, in its section “Food & Wine”, wrote about it.

The great success surprised the same Fanutza, visitors from around the world are in fact literally crazy for Sardinian dishes: from Mirto to Fregola, to Artichokes in wafer Carasau bread, to the first coures with Bottarga di Muggine, from Seadas to Cannoli with Ricotta. All courses prepared with products “Made in Sardinia“. Think that – with 600 servings and 200 customers a day – the stand of Sardinia is second, after Pizza and just before the Noodles from the Emilia-Romagna in all 16 regional restaurants present!

The success of the stew Capra Sarda (Sardinian goat):

The success of stew Capra Sarda? Due to the absence of Maialetto (not for long time anymore), but not only, so the same Fanutza:

This is the second course most required at the Italy is Eataly Pavillon. The Maialetto was cleared too late and only after persistent pressure from the Region of Sardinia, the green light came too late to be able to organize well. Many ask me for Maialetto, especially Italians, but the stew Capra Sarda is just as pleasing to their palate. The restaurateurs who will come after me, will put on the menu this specialty.

Anyway the absence of a classic like the Maialetto allowed to give more prestige to the variety, size and taste of our cuisine.

Awarded the sweet Mirto:

The Mirto dessert was judged the best, among the 16 regional dessert from Oscar Farinetti and his staff, and this is a very important reward.

From Germans to the Chinese, from Americans to Dutch, they all have their own favorite Sardinian food:

Every people has its favourite dish, and so if Germans, Dutch and Americans prefer the Cannoli wuth Ricotta ( called Sardinian Rolls ), Asians (Chinese, Korean and Thai ) prefer the stew Capra Sarda with thyme, as also the cake made with chocolate mousse, myrtle and red pepper, very welcome also for Lithuanians and Colombians.

And the Italians? Fergola for the southern and Seadas for the northern ones.

One thing is sure: they all go crazy for Sardinian food!!

In a word: everyone go crazy for Sardinian food!

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