Welcome to Sardinia

Sardinia is the big island on the left of Italy, right below Corse, in the heart of Mediterranean sea. It’s a land famous for being a slice of Heaven thanks to our hundreds of beaches surrounded by nature and vertical cliff standing in front of a wonderful crystal-clear blue sea. The nature becomes even wilder in the inland offering a large choice among different trails, from cultural and gastronomic ones to everything connected to active tourism.

We live in an ancient land with lots to tell us, just think that 800 years before the born of Rome the Nuragic people who lived in Sardinia was already able to build something like 7 thousands rock towers and castels all over the island. That’s why we’ve so many museums and historical sites with a variety of fascinating towns and cities, the magic of our past is still alive in our strongest traditions. We ‘re the land of the quality of life and weel-being, main reason why we’re one of the few world’s Blu Zones and the number of our male centenarians is still unequalled.

This is only a small bite of what Sardinia is, discover with us what this incredible island has to offer to you.

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