Sardinia Helicopter Transfer

Sardinia Helicopter Transfer: there’s a new easier and more luxurious way to reach the island of Sardinia from Rome or to travel through the different Sardinian Airports: the personalized “Helicopter Transfer Service” offered by Helitaly, with several packages tailored to meet any specific requirements.

Are you in Rome and want to arrive in North Sardinia in a hour?


Helitaly offers Helicopter Flights from Fiumicino to Olbia or Porto Cervo, taking-off from their helipad in Ponte Galeria, just few minute drives from Fiumicino airport (but they can also operates from Ciampino airport). In just over an hour their helicopters will take you straight to your final destination: Olbia, Porto Cervo, Poltu Quatu, Liscia di Vacca, Romazzino, Palau or Valle dell’Erica and many others.

Did you arrive in Cagliari airport but your villa is in Costa Smeralda?

Especially during the winter season Cagliari airport reaches many more destinations in Italy and Europe than Olbia, so it might be easier to land in Cagliari then reach your villa in North Sardinia renting a car (even with driver services included) or taking the three hours train that links the two cities. You also have to know that the elicopter can take you home in Olbia or Porto Cervo in just a hour.


Do you prefer to get picked up at your yacht or villa?

Now it’s possible.



Olbia to Porto Cervo 10′
Olbia to Cavallo 18′
Olbia to Figari 20′
Olbia to Cagliari 60′
Olbia to Rome 65′
Olbia to Fiumicino (Ponte Galeria Helipad) 75′
Olbia to Nice 90′
Olbia to Forte dei Marmi 90′
Olbia to Monaco 95′
Olbia to Saint Tropez 95′
Olbia to Capri 105′
Porto Cervo to Cavallo 13′
Porto Cervo to Figari 18′
Porto Cervo to Cagliari 65′
Porto Cervo to Fiumicino (Ponte Galeria Helipad) 75′
Porto Cervo to Forte dei Marmi 90′
Porto Cervo to Capri 115′

Helicopter tours in Sardinia:

Elitaly is able to arrange landing sites close to your departure and destination, with simple boarding procedures and uninterrupted straight-line flight, but can also provide Scenic and Panoramic Helicopter Tours in Sardinia. Helitaly in fact provides not only tailor made helicopter flights, but a vast set of eno-gastronomy, sightseeing and sport related Helicopter Experiences.

For more info and Helicopter reservation:

We don’t rent helycopters we sell houses, but in our blog we like to tell you about the best services and facilities avaible in Sardinia. For having more infos about the helycopter transfer service contact Helitaly: +39 366.6907462 / reservation form.

Otherwise, if you’re also looking for a luxury villa in Sardinia have a look to some property for sale right now or call us at +39 348 2399052.

All the pics by Helitaly's website.
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